Meditation Madness


Welcome to Meditation Madness, a collection of vignettes sharing personal stories and the Yoga practices

used to help myself and others in daily life.  In this month’s story I share personal insight into my

battle with insomnia, including audio guidance on how I got back to sleep and stayed asleep!

Sleep Madness


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Audio (mp3) and PDF of Vignette “Sleep Madness”

Audio (mp3) of Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

Audio (mp3) on Alternate Nostril Breath (Nadhi Sudhi)

An excerpt from “Sleep Madness”

“I thought I had tried it all.  Chamomile tea, lemon balm tea, lavender tea,

valerian root tea, valerian root tincture and of course, hot milk.

Warm Milk, and just warm water, hot shower, hot bath, no light, ear plugs,

eye covers, no electronics two hours before bed, and soothing music”

A clip from audio download of Deep Relaxation